Friday, 11 April 2014

The cushion

At last some time to sit down and catch up on my blog.  It has been another very busy week, with embroidery class on Wednesday where yet again I spent more time at the beginning, unpicking my work than sewing anything.  BUT by the end of the two hours I had achieved a lot and knew where I was going wrong.  Lesson of the day - do some homework in between classes.

Yesterday afternoon I managed to check out another orienteering course which had good poles and everything in order, so that is another tick on my mental 'To Do' list.

The front
.... and this morning was crochet club and we all had plenty to 'show and tell'.   Some granny squares in gorgeous colours, two new members who had not crocheted for years and seemed to be achieving a lot in a short time and my 'Blooming Flower Cushion' with the pattern courtesy of Lucy at Attic 24.  You make some lovely crocheted items and I adore your website.
The back

Finally, I must wish my daughter-in-law all the luck in the world as she runs her first marathon on Sunday in the Virgin London Marathon.  My son is also running but is an old stager at marathon running as this will be his 45th and he is a pacer at 4 hours 30 minutes.  He has to keep up a steady pace all the way to encourage those who want to run at this speed.  His 50th marathon will be in New York on his 40th birthday in November.  My good wishes go to both of you and I hope to spot you on TV!!


  1. Love the cushion Carol, and good luck to DIL. Can't think of anything I worse than running all that way, but love to watch the event.

  2. That cushion is something to be proud of, it really is stunning. Good luck to your son and daughter in law, I certainly don't envy them. Let's hope the weather is good for running on Sunday

  3. The cushion is great will think about your son and daughter in law as I am relaxing on holiday .We would like the weather to be good.( Have got my crochet with me.)

  4. Stunning cushion, I just love the colours you chose. Well done to your son and daughter in law too!