Thursday, 3 April 2014

Jacket finished!!

At last the jacket is finished but not without some help from the U3A Handicrafts group.  I have been pleased with the pattern which was a company I have not used before and the instructions were clear and easy to follow UNTIL I had to join the sleeves with their lining.  

The main part of the jacket and the lining were stitched right sides together and then turned and this was the same for the sleeves but when I pinned the sleeves and turned them all sorts of interesting things began to happen and I would have needed to be a contortionist!! However this was soon solved by the group (two or even three heads are better than one) and so I proceeded and here are pictures of the finished article!
The back!

The front
I liked this pattern with its stand up collar but the original cuffs were much more flared so I cut them down.  I am very pleased with the finished jacket.


  1. Very smart!! We will certainly see you coming...

  2. great jacket, Carol. love the colours