Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bad hair day

I meant to write this yesterday but got carried away with the Poinsettias, following my embroidery class.  The class went smoothly for me for a change and I did not have to undo much work!

Off to a hair appointment with my stylist, N.  As I had to wait a short while I looked in some style books and decided I liked one of them.  "Oh the pixie look" said N when I showed her. Well, anyone who knows me would never describe me as a pixie, more a small elephant, but actually I did like the style and, what is more important, it is easy to look after, so well done N.

Called in on the fabric sale at Poppy Patch and of course I bought fabric but not in the sale.  I do have an item that I need to make so photos to follow at a later date.

If you read my Easter Monday blog you will know that I wanted to finish my little 'handbag' so here it is.
Opened out
The dark purple pocket is made from felt because I like to slip a needle into it, and it will hold something useful.  A Suffolk puff for a pincushion, elastic to hold more useful sewing aids and another pocket for scissors and a tape measure.  Very handy to take away on holiday.

It is only 5" x 3"


  1. Well done Carol, that is a lovely finish.
    Impish and very shiny I thought!

  2. Like your little sewing bag very pretty fabric.Well done Carol.

  3. Love the bag, and the fabrics fab. Don't think I would call you a small elephant :)

  4. cant wait to see the 'Pixie'!! (lol) The little bag looks great ,Carol.

  5. Super cute little sewing bag! I love projects that are both beautiful and useful x