Monday, 21 April 2014

'Post' Easter break

Having a wonderful chilled out day with glorious weather - why couldn't it have been like this yesterday!

All the family arrived for lunch which went well and the plates were all clean.  B (my grandson) was told he was eating beef because the L(amb) word could not be mentioned.  Not sure why, maybe he associates them with the little gambolling creatures in the fields, but he ate it all up.

Then there was the Easter egg hunt; we sent the smallest out first and then a great deal of rushing around the garden and I was asked where the eggs were.  I couldn't remember where I had put them, but I thought I had been sensible in wrapping the ground ones in small parcels of clingfilm.  Just as well as B showed a small slug crawling over his little parcel!  Slight relaxation as my three grand-daughters disappeared upstairs and were incredibly quiet!  They were playing having sleepovers at Granny's house so the beds were a bit untidy when they left and all my small selection of stuffed toys were dispersed, but nothing serious.

After a short walk to the nearest pocket park and lots of running round, children's tea and then they all disappeared leaving me slightly shell shocked but having enjoyed my day.

Later this week I am going to Poppy Patch as they have a fabric sale.  I cannot resist and will buy fabric 'just in case'.  That is the problem with being a fabricholic and I am rapidly turning into a woolaholic as well.  I have been sent a wonderful picture, to die for, of a crocheted cushion using the African flower design.   I have made one square but I must try and finish my Raindrop cushion cover from Attic24 (seems to be a problem loading this website as I blog).  It is looking good.

Right - must finish my little 'handbag' from Wednesday evening so get out the sewing machine and glue.  I need to do some sewing and finish something.  I am also planning to make little great nephew, Will, a felt tortoise so photo of that soon.


  1. Looks like you are having a busy time Carol!
    Buying fabric and wool to store is the same as insulating your house - so that's good!!

    1. Lovely sewing with the new patio door open, birds singing and really warm. Very restful!!

  2. Glad you had a great Easter and look forward to seeing you new cushion pattern