Monday, 2 June 2014

A day out at Duxford

They had a 'teacher's training day' at my grandson's school so Granny was asked if she could look after him for the day.  But where to go?  In the end we decided on the Imperial War Museum at Duxford and though we have been before, there is always so much to see/  We saw everything today and boy, were our feet sore at the end!!  In Hanger 1 they have Concorde which you can walk through and lots of hands-on gadgets where you push buttons, turn handles and generally try to get different machines to do different things.  We went to the 1940 Operations Room, the American Air Museum, the Battle of Britain display and the Conservation hanger, where old planes are put back together.

But for me the highlight was when I heard a plane starting and the tannoy announced that the Spitfire would be taking off.  We then had a fantastic display of this iconic plane in flight, climbing to great heights until it looked as if it would stall and then swooping low in front of us.  I tried to take pictures but it was going too fast, so they are not too good- my apologies.

Back on the ground
Quite wonderful for me as I have a secret passion for old aircraft and I love watching them; not so my grandson who was bored stiff by this and kept asking if we could go!!

He was really interested in the D-Day display though and the War on the Land exhibition  with tanks and guns.  I hope and think he will remember something of the visit.


  1. Sounds as if you have had a great day

    1. It was and though not cheap for adults, children go free. An excellent day out and very few people.