Sunday, 22 June 2014


I had a lovely day yesterday doing a workshop at Poppy Patch with Helen Coverley.  It was Free Motion Trees and after we had mastered the technique of sewing them free motion we then had to put them on to the Strata Batik.  It is not necessary to use this type of batik and Helen showed us some wonderful Egyptian cotton batiks which could  be used instead.

So feed dogs down, calico with a circle cut out in the middle in the embroidery frame, a full bobbin of inexpensive thread (because it takes a lot of thread) and the free motion foot on the machine and away we go.  First the trunk is worked using a straight stitch, by making a fan shape from one spot at the bottom of the circle (which has been cut out) so you are machining over nothing! Then when I thought I had enough strands I was told to make more.  Next step is to use the zig zag stitch to pull together all these straight strands of machining and hey presto, the tree is beginning to take shape.  Branches had to be made from the tree trunk and again on the other side and at last it was finished.

Next step is to cut round the edge of the circle to release the tree.  I was expecting some unraveling but it didn't.  So onto the next tree, which can be made using the same circle of calico and this time I decided to make an elm shape instead of the nondescript one I had made first time.  I felt that this was a lot more successful and I hope you agree.  We then had to sew the trees onto the background pelmet vilene and wadding with some free hand embroidery, frame it and the picture was complete.
My first effort partially hidden

My 'elm' tree

The finished picture
I then tried to make a pine tree but this turned into a rather hairy looking lavatory brush so I think that I need to refine my technique!!

A great workshop and I learnt a lot.

Tomorrow I am taking part in an activity that I have never ever done before but always wanted to so watch this space.....  and the weather forecast is looking good.  Must keep covered as I shall be outdoors all day.


  1. Your elm tree is very impressive, must have been fun to play. Now I can't wait to see what adventure you have been on today (Sunday)

  2. Your trees look really great Carol - well done! Would like to have done htis workshop myself

  3. Trees really great ......waiting for the report on the new adventure.!!!!!!!