Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Thank you!

As followers of my blog know, I am new to this and get very excited seeing where viewers come from and you are many and varied - Russia, Venezuela (hope that my blog wasn't a mistake), New Zealand (I think I know who you are), Australia, India, Germany, China (occasionally) France, USA and of course the UK.  Thank you for coming back time and time again.  I now have over 3,000 hits, including my two sons who have decided they should look at what I write so that I don't harangue them when I see or speak to them!!

Since my last post, I have had another Nordic walk around Irthlingborough and Stanwick Lakes and luckily we started early because it became very hot towards the end.
Backs to the camera ladies, NO faces
When I got home, I wandered around the garden and took a few odd photos and this is the assortment - 
The Phormium that has NEVER flowered before
Chusan Palm flowering for the 2nd year
Love this little chap in my pond!  A second one is nearby
What pleases me so much about the pond is that I have newts in it and they were just below the surface as I took this photo.  Unfortunately newts eat frog spawn so I don't know whether the frog spawn laid earlier survived.  But that is nature of course.
Sambucus nigra
I called in to the Monday Higham Piecemakers group meeting and showed them my latest Dorset Buttons creation -
Will I ever stop!!
and took away the World War 1 Christmas Challenges that we are showing in a garden in the Secret Gardens of Higham Ferrers on Sunday.

Oh yes, my Mandalas are finished and waiting to be shown at Crochet Group on Friday; more about them then and I am writing this just before I go to embroidery class.  I have been working hard on my drawn threadwork and hope to finish in the next two weeks; so more about that later.


  1. It certainly was a glorious weekend! Looking forward to seeing your Mandalas!

  2. You seem to be very busy again, but I suppose it keeps you out of trouble. I have seen the mandalas, so want yo see that drawn thread piece.