Sunday, 29 June 2014

Family celebrations

This weekend has seen a family celebration on Saturday and a christening on Sunday and it has been such fun catching up with so many people.

The party yesterday was to celebrate the 70th birthdays of my sister and her husband (B and C) and to combine it with their 46th wedding anniversary.  I knew it would be a good party because it has been planned for a long time, but I didn't expect so much.  My eldest son and family were staying with me and we had an early light lunch (just to keep the children going) before setting out on the 15 minute drive, in pouring rain, where we were due for Champagne and Canap├ęs at 2.30pm.  This was followed by the meal at 4.00pm and when that finished there was a disco until the band started. As usual all the oldies got up to disco away to the Rolling Stones, ABBA etc and all the little girls were there with Grannys, Grandads and Great Aunts and a few Mums and Dads dancing away as well.  Great fun and the littlies were so sweet showing off their ballet moves!!

But the highlight of the evening was the live band put together by Trevor Barry, who is a friend of B and C, and they did a set for about an hour and a half.  There were some well known session musicians there, but I can't remember who they all were, though Jamiroquai and Elton John were mentioned in hushed tones!!  A one-off band formed for this special session, complete with a brilliant singer. 

My niece decided to take advantage of the marquee and today baby Will was christened, so we were back again at 10.30am for brunch followed by the church service and it was a lovely and very personal service in the village church. Instead of christening cake we had these beauties made by Lizzie Loves Cakes and the children loved them, and so did the adults as well!!
I had a pig!!
I am now putting my feet up after catching up with friends and relations, dancing (well sort of) with my granddaughters, cheering the band, choking back tears in church when Will was christened and eating and drinking in convivial company.  This will be the talk of the family for years to come and thank you for inviting me.  xxx


  1. Lovely family days - great memories x

  2. Such a great weekend for you, and I love those cute animal cakes