Friday, 20 June 2014

How I coveted my friend's necklace!!

Some time ago J came to Crochet Club with a lovely necklace which she had bought in South Africa whilst on holiday.  I really admired it, so way back in April when we went to the Uttoxeter Quilt Show I found this wonderful stall, The African Fabric Shop, which was selling Ntaka Glass Beads and I realised I could make the necklace with them.  Well I have made one and I felt it needed another one to go with it so here is how I made it.  

To all you experienced 'beaders' out there I am a novice, so please don't wince when you see my technique!!

Firstly I set up the piles of different colours.  I was lucky because I bought individual coloured packets and I used a narrow leather round cord, so didn't require a beading needle.  I measured two pieces of cord to the length I wanted and then added half again.  

Getting ready
Starting off ..
Close up of photo above.
Working from the centre, with the first bead you come up from underneath with one piece of cord and down under with the other.  You keep doing this with each bead so that they lie flat when threaded.  You should be going up or down with each cord through each bead.  Work left and right sides from the centre.
One I made earlier!!
When you reach the required length (or run out of cord) finish off  both cords with a knot. 

I love my 'African' necklace.

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  1. You should love your necklaces they are beautiful and even more special because you made them