Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Growing up!!

As today is Tuesday, it must be Cambridge day with my grand-daughter, Ellie, and today is a very special day as she is going to her new school this afternoon to hear a story being read.  Next Tuesday she is going to play in her new class for about half an hour.  The folder has arrived with her school start times in September and for the first week it will be mornings only then in the second week she will stay to lunch and come home afterwards.  Then it is full time and I cannot believe that she has grown up so quickly and.she has told me she will miss 'Granny' days   So will I.

Yesterday I went on a coach outing with the U3A History Group to Eltham Palace in South East London.  It is a very historic site and Henry VIII spent much of his childhood there and later when he became King, the Tudor court spent their Christmases there.  Now only the Great Hall built by Edward IV in the 1470s remains, but in the 1930s the Courtaulds took a lease on the place and built a house using all the design features of the time.  There is a great deal of wood veneers, Art Deco and glass which allows plenty of light into the building.  It is one of my favourite design styles so I enjoyed the visit immensely, though I did have the niggling feeling that a great deal of money had been spent on a house when at the time there were strikes and poverty in the country.

The gardens were in full flower and the moat was full of water and extremely murky, but had huge fish in them as this picture shows as they were being fed by some of our members!!

This picture is called 'Fish Finger'!!
They had enormous mouths, which appeared to be open all the time!!


  1. Gosh! How quickly time flies. Exciting times for Ellie

  2. Oh yes, they grow up all to quickly, so make the most of the time you have with them.