Sunday, 8 June 2014

Oh what a beautiful morning ......

I woke this morning, thought about my blog and wondered what to write;  I needn't have worried.  The blackbird was shrill with it's warning cry, which in my case is CAT, so I walked round the garden banging all the bushes in case it was lurking underneath one.  Then I saw this picture in my mind and rushed inside for my camera.
My beautiful Philadelphus and it smells good

Can you see the bee, pollen hunting in the middle of the flower and look at that wonderful blue sky in the left hand corner.  No touching up done at all!!

I love the bumble bee

I had been watching the weather forecast all week because yesterday was the village church fete of my brother and I had agreed to help with the cream teas.  Every time I looked at the forecast there was a thunder storm forecast and certainly, earlier in the morning it poured with rain.  However when I arrived the village had decided that everything would proceed out of doors, and as it turned out we had glorious weather.

Waiting for the table cloths and visitors!
My sister-in-law makes over 200+ scones in the morning, whips up countless pots of cream and there are lots of jars of strawberry jam.  Two kettles work non stop and as she had forgotten squash, children were offered elderflower cordial, which quite a few accepted.  A local band was playing, the sun shone, a small steam engine was giving rides up and down the street, the bouncy castle was doing good business and the stall holders were all sold out at the end.  I stood on my brother's drive looking over this scene, with a wonderful thatched cottage in the background, and said "How perfectly English"!  My brother agreed.  Incidentally his garden was absolutely stunning and everyone who looked round agreed and we made about £170 on cream teas in about an hour.


  1. Love that bumble bee rummaging in the blooms. Cream teas always go down well, whatever the weather! Well done on the fund raising

  2. Sounds as if you had a good afternoon,I am pleased because so much work goes into doing Cream teas.